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Get off the hamster wheel of your damn business running you and bring out the BOSS you stepped away from your 9 to 5 to be. Get organized, get a plan, get support, and grow that business you envisioned when you turned in your notice. You know you have that BOSS inside you, it’s time to bring her front and center. Have a business that allows you to share your talents to the fullest.

Rise up and become THE BOSS with 7 days of 1 on 1 coaching to get those grand plans and someday's into action NOW by having systems in place, a detail plan of action, accountability and strategy to back it all up.
Most people don't realize that Michael Jordan had never won an NBA championship until Coach Phil Jackson took over the Chicago Bulls.
They also don't remember that Tiger Woods has had two very influential coaches (an addition to his father, who was his first coach), with two very distinct personalities and styles, who both helped his game to higher levels.

Most also don't realize that both Jordan and Woods met with a variety of challenges that led them to accept that they needed an outside point of view to get them to where they wanted to be.
The same goes for the game of business.
Every successful CEO has had a valuable resource of counselors, advisors and mentors guiding the way. The resource of advice and counsel exists for every successful business leader on the planet.

It has to, or they wouldn't succeed to the extend many of them do. And believe me, they tap into those resources on an ongoing basis.
Business owners who have business coaches have 2 distinct qualities:
#1 - Firstly, they are in the game to win, which in the case of business, to make money for a better quality of life.

#2 - Secondly, they want to fast track their journey, and avoid hitting road bumps that could have been avoided. Life is too short to be losing money on "blind spots"!

If you belong to either one of the qualities above, get a Business Coach to be on your side, otherwise one of your competitors will.

The million dollar question is:
Do you have what it takes to play the game?
BOSS UP and…
• Jump out of bed each morning knowing it’s another day to slay, and know exactly what you will tackle.
• Be supported by a clear strategic plan of action and to-do list that never leaves you asking “what now?”
• Get organized with systems and process that make your business run smoother.
• Receive smart, timely, and strategic feedback as you work through your goals, no more going alone.
• Build confidence and know each day you are one step closer to bringing your goals from plan to reality.
This is the get your shit together package. You are tired of feeling frantic, disorganized, and jumping from random task to task. You love your business but can’t seem to get the processes and strategy in place that makes it feel solid. This package will give you the support, processes, strategy and accountability you need to final get your business growing.
* Get To Know You Packet
* 7 days of fast track plans of action for your new or existing business
* Full business plan & marketing strategy for your business
* Guidelines and Game plan for the goals you have for your business
* "60 minute Get To Know You" discovery call
* Unlimited email correspondence, text if more convenient
You get ME, Stephanie J, ONE ON ONE, my time, knowledge and expertise for $70, 7 days, that's just $10 a day, specially priced for those on a budget, and tired of struggling in their business!
Do NOT sign up for this program if you believe your own bullshit excuses. Don’t hire me if you still enjoy your own pity party, are lazy, want tons of sales without doing any work or are just a plain ole a victim in your business.
SIGN UP FOR THIS PROGRAM if you have had enough, and are ready to roll your sleeves up and do some serious rearranging in your business.
I work HARD and will PUSH you in the right direction. You must work hard as well and be TEACHABLE! Results will come if we work together!

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